Miracle Mornings

Every Friday Morning at 7:00am we come together for a early morning service to start the day off with a Miracle Morning.

Fathers Day

In this series you can find a word for Dad in it. Pastor Thad goes into what makes us a Father and shows us how we are suppose to act as a Father over our household.


What is Proliferation?

Proliferation- A rapid increase in number.

In this series Our Head Pastor, Pastor Thad Thomas breaks down what the word means to us as Christians and how we can use it in our Daily walk with christ. He also shows you in the word where God showed us Proliferation.

Pentecost Sunday

For the Holy ghost proliferation to extend to our life we have to be consecrated under GOD

Kingdom Empowerment

Saturday Nights we come together at 6:00pm for a night of prayer in preparation for Sunday Mornings Service!

I will Obey

In this Series we are exploring what it means to be Obedient to the Father, and we are seeing where in his word he has shown favor to those who have obeyed.